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Kencon Hardware was founded in 1985 as a supplier to the Recreational Vehicle, Utility Trailer, Truck Cap, and Manufactured Housing Industry.

Our traditional products include gas struts and brackets, a variety of plastic injection molded parts including entry and baggage door holders, and other small steel fabricated parts. Many of our traditional products have market appeal across the various industries we serve. We are also willing to take on new projects specific to any select customer in an effort to save them money and solve problems. This method of doing business is a proven model and has produced a number of new, useful, products for our valued customers.

In early 2014 we decided to change our company’s name to Kencon Specialty Products, since this reflects our way of doing business. It was important that we maintain Kencon in our name because it provides a solid link to our past and what has and will continue to make us successful.

The addition of ” Specialty Products”, reflects our continued commitment to innovation and adding value to everything we do. Three examples of this are the new Roto Vise bed door lock , the NexGen baggage door lock*, and the brand new MagLatch* mini slam lock with built -in magnets to hold the door open. As you look through this web site you will find unique items which are exclusive to us. These products were developed through long term customer relationships that exemplify Kencon Specialty Products!

* Patents Pending

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